All Geared Up for the Pavestone Rally

Pavestone Rally

We’re taking part in the 1,299-mile Pavestone Rally in September to raise funds for the Rainy Day Trust and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Teams entering the rally must buy a ‘banger’ for no more than £500 and take it on a four-day trip from Dover to Monte Carlo, passing through 10 different countries on the way.

Our team – Stephanie Masterson from the Darwen branch, Ben Cartwright from Grimsby, Danny McLaughlin from the Oldham branch, and Ivor Irwin from Manchester – will wear fancy dress throughout, and complete a series of challenges set by the organisers.

Points are awarded for the challenges completed and for best fancy dress, with bonus points for older and more dilapidated vehicles – and we hope our patched-up Mazda will take us all the way!

To make a donation to support the Pavestone Rally team, visit our fundraiser page.

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